Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Regalia Of Men And Monarchs Trainer v1.04

Version: 1.04 64bit Steam

Author: BooBoo

Free Trainer

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Options: +24

God Mode
Infinite Health
Infinite Shield
Super Damage (Enemy Health)
Super Damage (Enemy Shield)
Unlimited Movement
Unlimited Authority Points
No Cooldowns
Super Initiative
Super Accuracy
Super Dodge
Super Armor
Super Physical Resistance
Super Fire Resistance
Super Ice Resistance
Super Thunder Resistance
Save Fire Penetration
Save Ice Penetration
Save Physical Penetration
Save Thunder Penetration
Restore Health
Restore Shield
Easy Dilac (DLC)
Easy Resources



  1. Hi, I get an "Error: FindLIb: m.i.a: Please let DDS know about this error." when I try to activate the trainer.

  2. Make sure that you do not delete the dll file that comes with the trainer. The trainer needs this file to activate.

  3. hi could any one tell me if this version works with v1.05

  4. Any chance for an updated version to work with 1.06? ;)