Sunday, July 9, 2017

Starship Theory Trainer

Starship Theory Trainer Cheat for PC

Starship Theory Trainers and Cheats for PC

Version: 1.0a Steam

Author: BooBoo

Free Trainer

Options: +26

Infinite Health
Infinite Morale
Infinite Energy
No Hunger
No Thirst
Infinite Oxygen
Get Exp
Super Engineering
Super Agility
Super Endurance
Super Intelligence
Super Combat
Infinite Ship Shield
Infinite Ship Armor
Infinite Ship Structure
Zero Ship Heat
Fill Up Warp Jump
Super Cargo
Increase Max Power Units
Increase Max CPU Units
Get Metal
Get Silicon
Get Gold
Get Food
Get Water
Get Credits



  1. it says Error:Badmono. whats that? thanks

    1. Is just and error that the trainer gives you when it fails to collect the info needed from the game to inject the new code. I am guessing that you tried to use it with another game version other than 1.0a?.

  2. well this dont work! im using Version: 1.0a Steam and i keep hitting f1 and keeps telling me its 32bit yea thats what im using! but no idea why its not working

    1. This is a bug in the trainer's code, I'll look into it as soon as possible.

      Take Care

  3. i have a 32bit computer and it tells me trainer is for 32bit game?????? didnt make any sense i wrote dds trainers i hope they have good news! ive been waiting for this ill keep you all informed as to outcome