Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Assassins Creed Origins Trainer v1.05

Assassins Creed Origins Trainers and Cheats for PC

Version: 1.03 Steam-UPlay

Author: BooBoo

Free Trainer

Options: +1

Easy Energy Meter

Premium Trainer

Options: +23

Infinite Health
Easy Energy Meter
Easy Kills
Easy Xp / Ability Points
Unlimited Arrows / Ammo
Super Gold
Super Cedarwood
Super Soft Leather
Super Pelt
Super Carbon Crystal
Super Bronze
Super Hard Leather
Super Iron
Super Silica
Infinite Oxygen
Change Time Of Day (Morning)
Change Time Of Day (Midday)
Change Time Of Day (Night)
Add Ability Points
Infinite Chariot Boost
Infinite Ship Health

Option Achieved with the help of SunBeam, Thanks.

Invisible (Super Stealth)
Teleport To Waypoint


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